Covers, window sills, staircases and other architectural elements are cut to size and finished according to the preferences of our customers. The wide range of surface finishes available allows this material to adapt to any architectural context.

The slabs with which we make our finished products, available in the thicknesses of  2- 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 8 - 10 cm, are extracted in the quarries of Oira in Crevoladossola (VB).

     The surfaces have slight irregularities, however they maintain unaltered both the color and the design
      of natural stones.

The flamed finish slabs have a more regular but rough decking.
     The flaming, increasing friction, makes the surface of the anti-slip plate.

Surface finish additional to the flame.
     This process makes the surface soft to the touch, making it more easy to clean while retaining
                   the non-slip characteristic.
                   The flamed and brushed top is ideal for interior design.  

     The surface is smooth and the texture of the brightest material.