The mosaic, commonly called "opus incertum", is one of the most traditional formats of Luserna stone processing. The split surface and the extremely irregular shape enhances the naturalness of this material.

The opus incertum can be used for the construction of pedestrian and vehicular paving. Larger and thicker slabs allow the creation of
green walkways and floors in gardens and parks.


The Luserna stone mosaic is available in various thicknes. The choice of the suitable format is dictated by the context in which it wants to be used. We suggest...
- thickness 1/2 cm: covering of internal and external walls
- thickness 2/4 cm: construction of pedestrian and driveways
- thickness 4/6 cm: construction of driveways and walkways in parks and gardens.


Thanks to the natural characteristics of Luserna stone and the presence of minerals inside in, it is available in various colors.

        MIXED GRAY COLOR                          SELECTED YELLOW COLOR