The variable and irregular geometry and the small size of the Luserna stone cubes allow to obtain floors that adapt to the outdoor spaces in a natural way. They are ideal for the realization of pavings, also for vehicles, as the cut side of the cube favors the adhesion of the tire, making it suitable in the event of a slope.


The cubes in Luserna stone are available in various sizes and allow to adapt in various contexts and meet every need ...

Size 4/6 cm: sidewalks, pedestrian paths and avenues used to transit light vehicles.

Size 6/8 cm: used for patios, paths and avenues for medium / heavy transit.

Format 8/10 cm: large spaces such as squares, roads for heavy transit.



        MIXED GRAY COLOR                          SELECTED YELLOW COLOR                      SELECTED GRAY COLOR

The various colors available, MISTA or CHOICE, and the different types of laying make the cube suitable for any architectural style, thus adapting to both the most modern and traditional contexts.